I hate to be conspicuous for blame or praise. It spoils thought.

That which is individual & remains individual in my experience is of no value. What is fit to engage me & so engage others permanently, is what has put off its weeds of time & place & personal relation. Therefore all that befals me in the way of criticism & extreme blame & praise drawing me out of equilibrium, — putting me for a time in false position to people, & disallowing the spontaneous sentiments, wastes my time, the reads me of thoughts, & shuts me up within poor personal considerations. Therefore I hate to be conspicuous for blame or praise. It spoils thought.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Journals and Miscellaneous Notebooks 7:65

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  1. On February 23, 2013 at 4:49 pm Jim Foster Said:

    Think where “Poor”- Einstein – would have been with this philosophy – where we would be in understanding his personal philosophy and what that led to ?

    Thought is transferred to others thoughts in the digital age and the expansion of all goes on and on.
    We struggle with difficulties of perception of all second hand knowledge- the abstract- by the next party of interest-but this is where our minds expand and we can even go in many directions. Eugene O’Neil – his plays are a good example of the study of today’s logic of man kind. Dostoyevsky ?