I cannot tell why I should feel myself such a stranger in nature

I went at sundown to the top of Dr. Ripley’s hill & renewed my vows to the Genius of that place. Somewhat of awe, somewhat grand & solemn mingles with the beauty that shines afar around. In the west, where the sun was sinking behind clouds, one pit of splendor lay as in a desert of space, — a deposite of still light, not radiant. Then I beheld the river like God’s love journeying out of the grey past on into the green future. Yet sweet & native as all those fair impressions on that summit fall on the eye & ear, they are not yet mine. I cannot tell why I should feel myself such a stranger in nature. I am a tangent to their sphere, & do not lie level with this beauty. And yet the dictate of the hour is to forget all I have mislearned; to cease from man, & to cast myself again into the vast mould of nature.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Journals and Miscellaneous Notebooks 7:74

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  1. On August 12, 2013 at 1:43 pm Jim Foster Said:

    Each Breath we bring into our bodies parallels with our mind calming and tasting each scent in the air Each scent has been sent into the air to be caught by a realization that we live and are fed daily by more than we ever understand – but hope – to give Thanks for. It takes many many efforts to help one person to understand the agreement one earth – we must join hands with all efforts to help us and help back-even more.