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This blog is a place for me to post excerpts of Emerson’s works and my comments as I read through his essays, lectures, journals and letters, along with selected books about Emerson’s life, the Transcendentalists, and other people from his circle.

You may note some odd spellings or punctuation in the excerpts of Emerson’s works that I post. I reproduce the original spelling and punctuation whenever possible, notably for journal excerpts taken from the Harvard University Press editions, which reproduce Emerson’s actual writings. Later versions of the journals may correct spelling, especially replacing the oft-used “&” by “and,” but I retain the originals.

About Me

I’ve long been interested in Emerson and the Transcendentalists, so this site allows me to share some of my favorite texts, and comment on books by and about Emerson and those in his circle. I’m a freelance writer, specializing in Macs, the iPod, iPad, iTunes and digital music; you can visit my main website, Kirkville, and see more about my work.

You’ll note that I provide Amazon links to books and other items that I mention or review. I have affiliate accounts with three different Amazon stores (US, UK and FR), and I get a small percentage (about 6%) of purchases you make after you click my links. This doesn’t cost you anything, and helps feed my habit for books and CDs. Thanks in advance for shopping at Amazon.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this site, or have any suggestions for books to add to the bibliography, feel free to . If you have written or published a book about Emerson or the Transcendentalists, contact me regarding a review on this site.

Kirk McElhearn

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