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Harold Bloom on Emerson, the Sage of Concord

An article from 2003 published on the Guardian web site by Harold Bloom gives an interesting overview of Bloom’s thoughts on Emerson. Bloom has great appreciation for Emerson, and says such things as:

Emerson at his best was an authentic poet, but it his prose – essays, journals, lectures – that is his triumph, both as eloquence and as insight.

Bloom calls Emerson a “wisdom writer, practising what could be called interior oratory,” and points out that, “Emerson suggests we give ourselves to ourselves; that each of us can be cosmos rather than chaos.”

Discussing the journals, Bloom says:

An extraordinary work of self-creation, Emerson’s 55 years of journals are his authentic greatness, insofar as his writing could convey the apparent miracle of his voice. Huge as the journals are, they need to be read complete, because Emerson’s mind has become the mind of America.

Read the whole article for more insights into Emerson’s ideas.

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